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Mediterranean Steakhouse

Sip & Savor in Style

Discover an unparalleled Mediterranean French inspired experience. Our seasonal menu is vibrant, aromatic, and full of flavor. Our ambiance is that of an intimate celebration, a place to step away from the noise of life in style. The stunningly warm setting captivates one’s sense of belonging. Pino Mediterranean Steakhouse at Chateau Merrimack offers much more than an unforgettable meal.

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 4pm-10pm, Friday and Saturday 4pm-2am

The Passion Behind Pino Mediterranean Steakhouse

Meet Executive Chef Moe Bish

With Haifa, Jerusalem heritage Moe Bisher was raised in a family of seven, and comes from humble beginnings with deep hospitality rooted in generational history. His family home catered to large social gatherings hosted weekly by his loving family. This was the onset of a strong passion for fresh ingredients and a weekly social scene.

As Bisher grew, he knew the only path for him was the culinary arts. While in school, he worked in numerous 4-star 4 diamond restaurants building his knowledge. Food soon took him on a journey to explore the Mediterranean. From fresh vegetables and herbs to authentic ways of cooking In Lebanon, Dubai, Cyprus, Jordon, and Turkey, he drew inspiration and crafted his technique. After immigrating to the United States, he expanded his expertise inspired by French methodology.

Confident he could deliver more, Bisher has curated an above and beyond menu from each of the best methods explored. Pino serves up a vibrant cuisine with a unique selection of generous and easily shareable dishes that embrace the Mediterranean traditional spices and coastal flavors.

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Born from a simple age-old truth; wine is better with food, and food is better with wine. Likewise, a cigar is better with cognac and cognac is better with a cigar. Pasha is home to two social scenes on the interior and a common element on the exterior. Explore a menu of signature charcuterie, deli favorites, coffee & tea. Bring a taste of Pasha home with you from a selection of domestic and international wines, cigars & spirits.