Romantic Getaways in Tyngsborough, MA

Nestled in the heart of Tyngsborough, Massachusetts, Chateau Merrimack beckons couples to embark on a romantic journey like no other. Discover the allure of romantic getaways in Tyngsborough, where Chateau Merrimack becomes the canvas for unforgettable moments, setting the stage for love to flourish.

Luxurious Accommodations
Begin your romantic escape with the opulence of Chateau Merrimack’s accommodations. Each room is a haven of comfort, adorned with tasteful decor and modern amenities. From cozy suites to elegant rooms, the Chateau offers a range of options to suit every couple’s desires. Bask in the warm ambiance, creating a retreat where love takes center stage.

Idyllic Surroundings
Tyngsborough, with its scenic beauty and tranquility, provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic getaway. Stroll hand in hand through the manicured gardens or share a quiet moment by the Merrimack River. The idyllic surroundings set the stage for romance, allowing couples to connect amidst nature’s serene embrace.

Intimate Dining Experience
Savor culinary delights that elevate your romantic escapade at Chateau Merrimack’s exquisite restaurant, Pino Steakhouse. Indulge in a gourmet dining experience where each dish is a work of art. From candlelit dinners to intimate breakfasts, our restaurant’s ambiance enhances the connection between partners, making every meal a celebration of love.

Spa Retreat for Two
Unwind and rejuvenate with a spa retreat tailored for couples. Chateau Merrimack offers indulgent spa services designed to enhance relaxation and connection. Immerse yourselves in a world of pampering, where stress melts away, and the focus is on nurturing the bond you share. Click here to view our spa services.

Chateau Merrimack in Tyngsborough, MA, stands as a testament to the art of romance. From luxurious accommodations to intimate dining, and spa retreats, every aspect is carefully curated to foster connection and create lasting memories. Click here to book your escape to Chateau Merrimack and elevate your love story to new heights in this idyllic haven of romance.