Best Steakhouses Near Tyngsborough, MA

There is no shortage of fine steakhouses in the Greater Boston area, needless to say. From Bogie’s Place to Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse, from Ocean Prime and The Bancroft to The Capital Grille and Oliveira’s, you’re spoiled for choices, that’s for sure.

Here at Chateau Merrimack, set in the Merrimack Valley in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts, we’re happy to boast another of the real standouts in the metro region: Pino’s Mediterranean Steakhouse. This is not your average surf-and-turf joint, but a really exceptional restaurant combining Mediterranean and French influences in a creative, seamless, and seasonally informed menu that wows both visiting diners and overnight guests of our AAA Four Diamond resort along the Merrimack River.

While our bar and lounge are open for a light menu, Pino’s is currently temporarily closed, as we’ll get into, but it will be reopening soon—in early December, in fact—and you really won’t want to miss its newly revamped menu!

Pino Mediterranean Steakhouse at Chateau Merrimack Resort & Spa in Tyngsborough, MA

A gorgeous dining space that includes both indoor seating and an outdoor patio provides the attractive and welcoming stage for Chateau Merrimack’s exceptional on-site dining.

Pino Mediterranean Steakhouse features the impeccable culinary vision and formidable kitchen talents of Executive Chef Moe Bisher, truly one of the linchpins of the entire luxury hospitality experience here at Chateau Merrimack Resort & Spa.

Pino’s Executive Chef Moe Bisher

Chef Bisher was born in Israel, and in the course of his formative cooking education he studied at multiple four-star and four-diamond restaurants, delving into the amazingly diverse and deep-rooted cookery traditions of the Mediterranean Basin. He cooked in kitchens from Lebanon and Dubai to Cyprus, Turkey, and Jordan, learning the intricacies of some truly storied cuisines and foodsheds.

Upon immigrating to the United States, Chef Bisher’s culinary universe expanded—especially with regard to French cuisine, which he added to his gastronomic arsenal in his new home.

This multifaceted and wide-ranging culinary journey—and that’s the best way to describe it, really—helps inform all that Chef Bisher does in the kitchen of Pino Mediterranean Steakhouse.

But while our Chateau Merrimack restaurant is certainly guided by a holistic philosophy and aesthetic with regard to cooking, it’s no static enterprise. Chef Bisher and his Pino team are always questing for new flavors, new dishes, new approaches—and we all, as diners, are the happy beneficiaries of this zeal and enterprise.

Pino Mediterranean Steakhouse’s Revamping

Pino Mediterranean Steakhouse, temporarily closed for improvements, is set to reopen in early December—just in time for lots of festive holiday get-togethers and getaways! The bar and lounge are open with a scaled-back but fabulous menu each and every day from 4 to 10 PM.

The temporary closure is all about refreshing the Pino menu with new, innovative, exciting dishes: a natural part of such a dynamic eatery’s nuts-and-bolts. Horizons are being broadened, new flavors tinkered with, and general gastronomic awesomeness concocted in this behind-the-scenes work.

We couldn’t be more excited to unveil the revamped menu at Pino Mediterranean Steakhouse: We think it’s going to knock your socks off!

Culinary Highlights of Pino Mediterranean Steakhouse

Of course, past Pino menus have done plenty to amaze our Chateau Merrimack Resort & Spa guests and drop-in diners alike. Mediterranean and French techniques and flavors coexist in happy harmony, along with plenty of other wide-ranging influences.

A marvelous medley can be had by combining cold mezza plates such as baba gannouj, lebneh, humus, and tartare with fried kibbeh, falafel, crispy calamari, char-grilled chicken, and other hot mezza delights.

And from the Shawarma Beef Burger and Kofta Lamb & beef to Prime Sirloin, the Mediterranean Sea Bass Filet, and Black Tiger Prawns, the grilled entrées at Pino Mediterranean Steakhouse have always been showstoppers.

Throw in mouthwatering desserts such as Apricot Mahalabiya and Baklava as well as a full list of libations—from specialty cocktails and wines to draft beer and hard seltzer—and it’s easy to understand why Pino Mediterranean Steakhouse at Chateau Merrimack Resort & Spa has become one of the most talked-about dining establishments in Tyngsborough, MA—and, indeed, in all of Greater Boston.

Pino Mediterranean Steakhouse: One Essential Component of the Upscale Hospitality at Chateau Merrimack Resort & Spa in Greater Boston

Having such a top-class restaurant as Pino Mediterranean Steakhouse within our fold is absolutely a coup for Chateau Merrimack Resort & Spa, where we strive to provide an immersive, upscale, across-the-board-winning hospitality experience.

From the outdoor patio and dining room to the bar and lounge, enjoying Pino Mediterranean Steakhouse and Executive Chef Moe Bisher’s culinary delights provides the perfect complement to the rest of the luxurious Chateau Merrimack treatment.

Our Signature Guest Rooms and Suites, for one thing, serve as some of the finest accommodations in the region, with pitch-perfect features such as marble bathrooms, fireplaces, and private balconies.

And our resort delights with its rich palette of on-site amenities: from the tennis courts and fitness center to the sumptuous JuJu Spa, complete with a solarium that includes an indoor pool, hot tub, and retractable roof. From massages and body wraps to facials, soaks, manicures, and pedicures—not to mention relaxing quality time by the outdoor fire pits—our Chateau Merrimack spa is one of the leading wellness havens in the Boston area.

It all adds up to something genuinely special. We hope you’ll come see for yourself, as words don’t do justice to just how blissful and soul-satisfying an idyll at Chateau Merrimack Resort & Spa—certainly with Pino Mediterranean Steakhouse dining included—can be.

Book a Winter Getaway at Chateau Merrimack Resort & Spa and Enjoy Premium Steakhouse Cuisine of a Whole Different Kind at Our On-site Restaurant

So come escape to our lavish property, a stone’s throw from the Merrimack River and offering some of the very best steakhouse dining in Greater Boston. This winter, you can be among the first guests to sample the reimagined and expanded menu over at Pino Mediterranean Steakhouse, and that’s a big-time enticement indeed, if you ask us!

Have a look at our current special offers and exclusive accommodation packages here, and start planning a wintertime getaway to the Merrimack Valley and Greater Boston here at Chateau Merrimack Resort & Spa!